A Blossom of Hope

Personal Visits

This is the reason it all started.  We love the opportunity to make personal visits to wish our best, show a bit of support, shake hands, give hugs, and of course, leave a little bit of a reminder that we're all here for you!  With each visit, we will gift a planter filled with a beautiful plant, paired with an encouraging phrase.  We might not have known you before, but we admire your bravery, strength and  determination!  And we will support you every step of the way!

Group Deliveries

Sometimes one on one isn't for everyone.  And that's completely ok.  We're still here for you!  Sometimes, leaving our token of support for warriors to take with them at their leisure is the right fit.  Though, if your heart brings you there, we'd LOVE to hear from you (and/or your family)!

A Personal Gift From You

When you are looking to give that little bit of hope and support yourself, we'd love to help you out and provide that perfect bloom.  Though seasons vary availability, we will do our best to accommodate you and your visions!