How We Got Here

Bonnie's Battle


Bonnie’s Blossoms was founded shortly after cancer claimed the life of Bonnie Postma in March 2017.  Bonnie was a wife, sister, aunt and all around amazing woman loved by all. She fought cancer to her last breath with laughter, wit and a positive attitude.  In her hard, brief battle, Bonnie managed to build US up.  She gave us strength, motivation and desire to be better, stronger, more caring people.  In the wake of her hardest battle, she gifted us with the passion to share with others the love that she constantly exuded.  

Our Goal

Our mission is to carry on her legacy and fight against cancer by delivering beautiful blossoms paired with inspiration and encouragement to those battling cancer themselves. Whether it be in the hospital, at home or in Hospice, we yearn to let all warriors know that they are not alone in this fight! We wish to remind them of beauty, hope and the importance of a positive attitude. We strive to encourage all to continue to make great memories with loved ones, dear friends and those all around us.

Mission Statement


Bonnie's Blossoms is committed heart and soul to providing a blossom of hope, a word of encouragement, and a reminder that the best fights are never fought alone.